Friday, February 13, 2009

Praise God, Testify

For many of us the Daniel Fast has been over for several weeks, but the awesome testimonies are still coming in! We want to hear what the Lord did in your life as a result of the fast. It seems like everyday a pastor receives a call, an e-mail, or hears a testimony from a person who took part in the fast and wants to share what great things the Lord has done. Maybe you fasted last year and never had the chance to tell someone what the Lord did. Well here’s your chance!

This is your opportunity to share with the rest of your church family and encourage others in the Lord. This is your chance to speak kind words and lift up your brother and sister in Christ. The Lord didn’t bless you so you could keep it to yourself. He blessed you so you can tell others how awesome and wonderful He is. As long as we are “Living Like We Are Dying” don’t wait until tomorrow when you can praise God right now!

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